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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Welcome to Catechism Catholic Church

Welcome to Catechism Catholic Church for our catechism.
It is necessary for me for preparing RCIA for Adult who learn by heart to know God and will prepare for 2 years in thier Catholic Catechism course to Baptist. Every Thursday Evening 07.30 -09.30 PM. We have the Catechism Catholic Church Meeting: Start by Sing Praise Songs, Listen to the Word of God, Sharing Life , and Catechism Meeting by RCIA in Go together book.
Surely I should to concluse and give them with CCC : Catechism Catholic Church -that I know when I have been a major seminarian (who prepare to be a Priest)...Now I am a Catholic Catechist...

" I told my priest who take care me that...
Now, Father! I realize that God prepare me ...not to be a Priest that I desire...
But He sent me to be a Catechist.."

Pray for us too!
Sometimes in the darkness night...I can see the grace of God clearly...Why!

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