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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Promise of Life for all

Promise of life for all

Each of us, members of


promise as best we can to make our community a welcoming place for everyone.

We promises:

To recognise we are all different but all equally important in God's eyes.

To give thanks for the gift of many different kinds of people in the world.

To recognise that God speaks of goodness, love and truth in other people's religions.

To respect my own culture and other people's culture.

To share my ideas and thoughts about things and allow others to share their ideas and thoughts.

To both talk and listen and solve differences peacefully.

To make our place one where everyone feels welcome.

To forgive others when they want me to be just the same as them.

To apologise and make up when I have hurt another.

To include others in mygames, no matter who.

To stand up for someone when they are being treated badly

by others because they are different somehow.

This is our promise. These are our goals.

We will check ourselves on what we have promised each month.

we will know we are achieving this when every one enjoys belonging here in our community.

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