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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Life For All

Life For All

Words and Music by Mark Raue

1. In this world of plenty

fullness of life is known to some not others.

Poverty is rife.

Blinded by good fortune

its often hard to see

that we are being called to set all people free.

* Now is the time.

A new age has dawned.

Justice stirs each one of us

to answer God's call.

Break the chains

that still remains and liberate the poor.

Goodnews of freedom and hope.

Life for all. all.

2. Hunger and opression

need not define the many lives forgotten

in the great divide.

We can make a difference

and change the world to be.

A place where ev-'ry one can live with dignity.

3. For all the people from ev-'ry nation all colours and creeds.

Our future lies here in our hands.

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